Why Low Stress Animal Handling Matters

Why Low Stress Animal Handling Matters

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Our beef is antibiotic and hormone free, and our cattle are on pasture their whole lives. But more than that, we value using low stress animal handling to make sure that the animals always receive the best care while having the freedom to express their natural behavior.

What is Low Stress Stockmanship?

Low Stress handling is using techniques that cattle respond to naturally so you do not have to force them to do what you want. Instead, we use our movements to compliment what the cattle instinctually want to do. There is no yelling, no chasing and no cattle prods. The cattle stay calm and we get the results we want.

No Stress Processing

We are happy to offer on site processing when you order a quarter, half or whole beef. This means that the animals are not separated from the herd and transported to the butcher. Instead, the butcher comes to the ranch for the first stages of processing then brings the beef to their facility to let it dry age before cutting and wrapping your cuts. Minimizing (or in our case, eliminating) stress before processing is so important, and we are excited to offer this option for our customers.

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