The High Lonesome Ranch

A Working Ranch with conservation at the core of all our activities, established over 25 years ago, The High Lonesome Ranch has dedicated significant resources and efforts to conserve and restore important habitats and watersheds. The Ranch continues our mission of restoring and conserving this iconic landscape for the land itself, for the wildlife, and so all of us will still have wild places to experience. Ranchers, farmers and outdoor enthusiasts are conservationists at heart. We invite you to join us.

The Land

Everything we do at the Ranch begins with the Land; encompassing over 400 square miles of private and leased mountain forests, grasslands, spring creeks, wetlands and alpine mesas of altitudes ranging from 4,000 to 9,200 feet, the Ranch is home to the diverse landscapes and wildlife that is representative of Western Colorado and the American West. Located on a key habitat corridor, this vast western landscape connects large ecosystems along the spine of the continent.


The Ranch is dedicated to an economically sustainable business model that incorporates multiple uses to support and enhance these lands.  Regenerative Ranching, including adaptive grazing and regenerative agriculture, uses natural processes to not just sustain the land as it is today, but rebuild it to what is once  as.  All activities at the Ranch are focused on what the Land can provide to us, not what we can take from the land.


Pressures ranging from climate change to depressed economic markets to encroaching populations to public lands policy have dramatically decreased large  historic generational landscapes and habitats.  The Ranch is committed to creating a viable economic operating model that will improve and sustain these lands for generations to come.


We cannot do this on our own.  The Ranch partners with local, regional and national land owners, research institutions, government agencies and private companies to understand these vast lands, direct regenerative activities, and share what we learn with others.  The High Lonesome Institute has been established to coordinate research on the Ranch, record our successes and failures and share both with anyone interested in improving their lands and operations.

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