Our Regenerative Ranching and Agriculture

Land Focused: The High Lonesome Ranch is a working, conservation-focused Ranch that is committed to regenerating these vast and varied Lands through regenerative ranching and farming techniques. Historical records show this land was characterized by lush wetlands, riparian vegetation and high groundwater tables. Today the ranch is much drier than it once was, but through Regenerative land management we will bring life back to the land.

We are here to restore this land, protect its rugged beauty, habitat, wildlife and return it to ecological health. We are here to connect it to larger ecosystems in a key habitat corridor from Mexico to Canada, by ensuring the land, water, and resources are healthy and productive. We draw on the land ethic of the Indigenous people who have stewarded this landscape for thousands of years. We see our community as not only the humans around us, but also the soil, water, flora and fauna.

Immersive Experiences: The High Lonesome Ranch offers authentic experiences to guests; no canned cattle drives – rise early, work with our Livestock and Agricultural team, move cows on our Land, and learn about the importance of Adaptive Grazing and Regenerative Agricultural practices in restoring lands and habitats. Along with our cattle ranch experiences, we offer a range (no pun intended) of family-friendly, guided outdoor activities designed to immerse our guests in the beautiful landscape of western Colorado, all while giving guests the opportunity to learn fun and practical skills, like fishing, bird watching, biking, horseback riding, and more.

Our Practices:

Everything stays the same except these two parts:

It Starts With The Land

Regenerative land management puts a focus on rebuilding soil health to encourage healthier ecosystems and functioning ecosystem processes. The Ranch transitioned from conventional agricultural and livestock operations to Regenerative Agriculture practices over the last few years. Today, we are incorporating multiple species of livestock, eliminating chemical and synthetic inputs, and encouraging healthy plant communities and soil cover.

“It’s not the cow, it’s the how.”

Ranching with regenerative practices makes the land healthier. Too often cattle and livestock generally are presented as the enemy of environmental health. But we know “it’s not the cow, it’s the how.” How you manage cattle on the land determines whether they’ll help to heal the ecosystem or further degrade it. We are using cattle to mimic the grazing patterns of the herds of elk and bison that once moved across American grasslands. These herds were dependent on healthy grasslands, and so too were the grasslands dependent on herds of grazing animals. Grasses and herbivores coevolved and we need to restore that relationship to heal these ecosystems.

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