What is Adaptive Grazing?

Here at The High Lonesome Ranch, we graze our cattle using Adaptive Grazing practices to restore ecological processes- water cycles, soil life, wildlife populations, and so much more. How we graze here is not a new and innovative idea. In fact, Adaptive Grazing is simply mimicking natural biological and ecological systems. We use cattle in place of the herds of elk and bison that once roamed together in the thousands, and mimic the way they moved- in one herd. This is how rich grasslands and grazing animals coevolved, dependent on each other for their own health. Our high desert valleys were once know to have grasses up to a horses bridle, playing a huge role in carbon sequestration. We know we can achieve healthy grasslands again if we manage our animals the way nature intended. We can raise beef in a way that regenerates the soil, fosters wildlife populations, and of course provides healthy, nutrient dense food for our communities.

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Adaptive Grazing 2018 The High Lonesome Ranch
Adaptive Grazing 2021 The High Lonesome Ranch

Rancher Alejandro Carrillo uses only cattle and Adaptive Grazing to restore degraded land at Las Damas Ranch in the Chihuahuan Desert, Mexico. Follow their efforts on Facebook or on their website.

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