Free Meat Sampler, Grass Fed Beef

Free Meat Sampler Pack, 2 LBS of Grass Fed Beef

We get a ton of requests to sample our meat before buying.

We are confident you will find our beef to be the most nutritious and tasty beef around, so we have decided to offer a FREE 2 lb Sampler pack.

We are also throwing in a FREE SHIPPING code for the first 20 orders of our sampler pack. After that, a shipping/handling fee will be applied, so make sure to be the first to order!

Free shipping code: SAMPLER

Meeting the Beef Demand with Grassfed Cattle

Our Angus cattle spend their lives on native range and pasture with access to dozens of forage species and the freedom to express their natural behavior. Our beef is 100% grass-fed and raised using regenerative practices in Western Colorado. Your beef will never contain any antibiotics or hormones.

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