The High Lonesome Ranch – Enjoy with confidence during the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Ranch is by nature ‘Socially Distanced’; however, we are implementing additional precautions to help stop the spread of Covid-19 and ensure your safety.  No travel during the COVID-19 pandemic is entirely risk free, even for vaccinated people.  The best way to stay safe is to follow the CDC Covid-19 recommendations.

Guests and employees are promised a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment.

We acknowledge that the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic has created an unprecedented environment that continues to evolve and challenge us all, as new information and best practices arise. As Covid-19 and new variants arise, the Ranch is committed to doing our best to exceed local guidelines, such as mask-wearing and social distancing, to try and protect the health and well-being of staff and guests.

Respect and safety is paramount.

We acknowledge and strive to do our best to meet your personal safety requirements at the Ranch; please let us know of any special concerns or requirements you may have.

Many of our Ranch Guests require additional safety precautions to meet local, regional, national, or international travel requirements, including mandatory vaccinations and rapid testing.  Whether as a travel departure requirement or simply for peace of mind, the Ranch can help facilitate access to COVID-19 testing for guests.

Basic safety precautions.

  • Guest accommodations are thoroughly sanitized prior to your arrival. Additional cleaning services are available every other day or as requested.
  • All accommodations include masks, hand sanitizer, sanitation wipes (additional supplies available upon request).
  • All public spaces, bathrooms, vehicles, etc. are regularly sanitized before and after guest use.
  • Public spaces operate at reduced capacity and modified set-ups to allow for adequate spacing
  • Meal services are available in the Dining areas or delivery to your Lodge with contactless delivery.
  • Vaccinations are encouraged of all staff and guests; however local regulations do not allow for mandatory vaccinations. All Staff will wear masks while indoors. Vaccinated Staff will wear masks if requested by Guests for additional precautions.
  • Health and symptom checks will be performed on site.

Please contact us with any specific questions or requests you may have.


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