Beginning our 2022 Season for Guest Stays!

It’s certainly nice to have the cows back lowing in the fields around Headquarters. They’ll stay there while they have their calves before being moved up valley using the adaptive grazing methods spearheaded on The High Lonesome Ranch by, Dakota and Melissa.

We don’t want to distract you from Mother’s Day too much, but with all the new babies around we’ve very much got nurturing and mothering on the mind.

Cattle at The High Lonesome Ranch

The calving will continue for another couple of weeks. The momma above is a heifer, which is you’re like me and didn’t know the distinction, a heifer is a first-time bovine mom. They’ve been staying in Kimball Valley and we’re really proud of how well they’re doing with their first calves. It’s incredible to see how naturally and easily they give birth and bond with their babies. Check out Melissa’s post on Facebook and Instagram to see video of one little one’s first steps for an extra dose of cuteness and just a touch of ag education. Keep an eye on our Journal posts for an upcoming one from Melissa going into calving at The Ranch. @thehighlonesomeranchag

Welcoming our new seasonal guest services crew

This week we’ve welcomed Anna, Misty, and Mady to the crew as we prepare for our first guests of the season. Along with training and tours this week they’ll kick off their High Lonesome Ranch initiation with the Wild Horse Gravel Ride put on by Outside Events. 2022 will be our 3rd year hosting this incredible event and we’re excited about the new course, vendors and exhibitors, and the cash purse.

Guest Season at The Ranch

Showing these incredible ladies around has been a great start to sharing this incredible place with others. The looks of awe, peace, wonder, and possibilities in someone’s eyes as they take in the beauty and scope of this landscape never gets old. And thinking of the athletes riding across it all multiplies that excitement by the hundreds. Nurturing that curiosity and exhilaration in life is what drives us.

Getting excited for the Wild Horse Gravel Ride Next Weekend

With a short and long course option, each rider will experience the wild west terrain Colorado offers as they start at 5,630′ and top out at 8,197′. Once back at HQ for the post-race cookout and expo.

Both Friday and Saturday, different speakers and experts will be presenting their knowledge of the sport, land, and local history so that we can all be more aware in our consumption of The Land. Including a booth for our very own Melissa & Dakota to cover Regenerative Ranching and its already visible impacts. Our top Ranch Hands, Chad & Zach, will be demonstrating their roping skills and techniques in the arena. Cody Rhyne of Rhyne Horses will be leading trail rides all day Saturday. Eric Way of De Beque, will be out demonstrating casting techniques and answering fly-fishing questions based on his years of personal and professional guide experience in Colorado’s many waterways on Saturday afternoon. Chef Greg of Stoney Joanie’s Catering will be serving up mouth-watering BBQ.

Some of our favorite mom moments

We hope you have a great weekend and don’t forget to thank those beautiful people in your life who love you no matter what, nurture your mind and body, and support your dreams!

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