Why Low Stress Animal Handling Matters

Summer is here!

The 2022 season is off to a great start. Thank you to everyone who came out for Outside Events Wild Horse Gravel Ride in May. You are all so much fun and we loved getting to change up the course and show you more of The Ranch this year! And if you’re one of the incredible riders you’ll all know what a feat a couple of those inclines were. Gotta love that western Colorado terrain.

There are 2 other events on the Western Slope in their Cycling Series in September which will take place just a short drive from The Ranch and we still have some guest house availability if you and the family haven’t decided where to stay. September is a packed month for events in these parts so it’s always a good idea to make your reservations well in advance.

We’ve also had some beautiful families get together here. After the long time apart, one of the guest houses is a great place to reunite everyone and make new memories. Getting 3 or 4 generations under one roof and seeing everyone try something new for the first time is one of the many beautiful sights we have the privilege of experiencing.

This month is also a time to celebrate those in our lives who have lifted us up with their strength, patiently shown us how to change our car’s oil, tie a fly on a line, or untangle that line. They’re the ones that taught you how to build a campfire and douse it when you’re done. To leave the trail and camp site better than you found it.

“Whether you’re “dad”, “father”, “pops”, “mom”, “uncle”, “aunt”, Jim, Jack, or Jose we want to wish you a happy father’s day.”

These lessons have helped inform my adulthood and have brought me to The Ranch. Their influences have driven me to be an informed and conscientious consumer. One who cares where my food comes from and who raised it, or our heritage and how it translates to style, fashion, and presentation of your values to the world.

When selecting inventory for the Mercantile we naturally placed an emphasis on functionality for our favorite activities on The Ranch. Equally as important is what went into making these items and recognizing whose time and effort when we purchase from them. Subsequently you’ll find Colorado based companies if not items from our neighbors just down the road. We found companies who are headquartered in Colorado, who source their materials from producers and manufacturers with human-centered practices, where the raw materials come from a place with as much emphasis on their agricultural practices, and a mind to their impact on their immediate and greater communities.

Gradually you will see features in our Journal showcasing each of our makers. And if you have a favorite maker please share them with us. This month we’re showcasing Rockmount Ranch Wear. It’s a place that is a landmark in and of itself, and if you’ve grown up with the old westerns and a John Wayne-esque parent who is also a fan of rock-n-roll then you are in the right place. Please check them out and if you’re so inclined, read through why we’ve chosen to feature them in The Mercantile.

Whether you’re “dad”, “father”, “pops”, “mom”, “uncle”, “aunt”, Jim, Jack, or Jose we want to wish you a happy father’s day. Feel free to reach out to us when you want to plan your next bonding expedition or if you’re curious about what to give as a thank you and to help on your next adventure.

We hope you have a great weekend and don’t forget to thank those beautiful people in your life who love you no matter what, nurture your mind and body, and support your dreams!

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