Navigating the roads at The High Lonesome Ranch

How to navigate The Ranch

When visiting The High Lonesome Ranch, expect rough gravel roads with clay type soil and shale rocks. Be mindful of the weather and sudden thunderstorms that cause the roads to become slick, muddy, and hazardous as well as the potential of channels of water cutting across roads in the event of very heavy rains. We recommend using a weather app that will give you alerts of potential weather events such as flash floods. Do not drive off designated roads, especially in the burn scarred area as the risk of getting flat tires and becoming stranded are significant.

Finally, The High Lonesome Ranch is nestled just north of De Beque, CO in the high desert valleys and there are very few areas with cell service. All the guest houses and main buildings have wifi and we encourage you to use your preferred navigational app to download maps of the area before leaving service areas.

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