How To Interact With Animals at The Ranch

Interacting with Animals on the Ranch

The Ranch is home to abundant wildlife including deer, elk, black bears, coyotes, mountain lions, snakes, birds, etc. Please be mindful of your surroundings and know that wild animals can be protective of their young and space. Predators will typically avoid humans, but keep in mind that they can be dangerous if they are surprised or feel threatened. To avoid startling animals, it is always a good idea to plenty of noise as you’re traveling on the ranch. For more information, check out the many resources available on “Living with Wildlife” that are available online, at your nearest BLM or Colorado Parks and Wildlife office, and library.

Colorado Parks & Wildlife – Living with Wildlife (

The High Lonesome Ranch is a working ranch with many domesticated animals including cattle, goats, burros, and working dogs. While on the ranch, please do not approach or interact with livestock or working dogs without the presence and guidance of staff.  We’ll be happy to show them to you and tell you about our Regenerative Ranching practices, which entail low-stress handling techniques.

This is especially important with baby and young animals that may be scared by your approach and cause mother animals and guard dogs to become protective.

Livestock on the High Lonesome Ranch will often be near electrified polywire fences.  Please keep your distance from these fences and do not touch them as they will shock you.

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