Cooler temperatures are here!

Cooler temperatures are here!

As we wrap up the 2022 guest season and come to that time specifically celebrated for giving thanks I want to give a huge thank you to Anna and Ginger.
You may all know Anna by her apt nickname, “Ace”. She’s been my right hand since May. We couldn’t have found a more capable, enthusiastic, solid, and game presence. I can definitively say this season wouldn’t have gone as smoothly as it did without her. She rose to the challenges of overcoming flooding affecting the facilities, staffing shortages, and vendor issues and availability.
The High Lonesome Ranch

We’ve been so impressed by Ace that even though she was originally brought on for the May through November season, we are happy to say she’ll be staying on through the winter and you are likely to speak with her if you call the office or email Guest Services.

The High Lonesome Ranch

Another great contribution Ace gave us, was bringing on one of her dear friends, Ginger. Ginger has brought to us an awareness, empathy, and openness that resonate with and fuel our values here at The High Lonesome. Here we work to restore and preserve that natural world around us, and while nature often presents challenges to our human comfort preferences it is also wonderful. Ginger reminded us of that with her exclamations over the views of the mountain valleys, the color of fall leaves, the delicacy of the first snow, or the powerful presence of the individual animals.

Do you have a favorite memory with Ace, Ginger, Aidan, Melissa, Dakota, myself, or another staff member at The High Lonesome Ranch?

Deer at The High Lonesome Ranch in De Beque, Colorado

As temperatures lower, we see more wildlife in the lower valley. The photo at the right shows a small herd of deer in Aunt Linda’s Meadow along the drive to Guest House. A couple of them have been in those fields for most of the summer, and we’ve gotten to see the spotted fawns mature and grow. While the herds we see now are still much smaller than were seen in the old days, we are still happy to see them persevere and demonstrate their resilience.

The cows have grazed all the way from HQ to the top of Middle and are now back down and at Homestead this week. Their hides have gotten fuzzier and fluffier and you’d be hard pressed to not smile as the calves gambol around.
The Assorted Beef Packs have demonstrated how much you all appreciate our Regenerative Ranching practices and the quality of beef produced along with the positive impact your conscientious consumer support has on The Land.
Cattle At The High Lonesome Ranch

And we want to thank you for your mindfulness in your purchase. If you’re curious to learn more in person, you can always visit for the day and go on an Ag Foray with Melissa or Dakota.

I also want to thank you all for your interest and engagement in The High Lonesome Ranch. I’ve made and felt very personally connected to this community over my time here. While this Land is somewhat sparsely populated, those folks who come here have such genuine and boisterous personalities that I still haven’t seen anything Lonesome about The High Lonesome Ranch. This will be my last newsletter to you all as I make plans to return home to Montana and consider furthering my education as I have been inspired to make strides towards a greater impact on humanity’s sustainability efforts. Don’t be surprised to see me back for the occasional visit or to lend a hand when and where I can with the Wild Horse Gravel Ride or The High Lonesome Fly-In.

Best wishes,

Ariel Riccardi
Ranch Services Director

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